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eCommerce Solutions

Need to grow your business online? Offering all kinds of eCommerce solutions to meet the demands of your business. No matter how small your business is or if you're just starting out, I can work with you to reach your business goals.

Through my company Stack Media Design LLC, I sponsored and built the Official Asbury Park Music Foundation Store

I can customize your online store to have specific functions to meet your business needs. For example shipping rates can be tailored in various ways. Shipping can be set to free of charge if the customer adds a certain number of products to their cart or their subtotal reaches a certain amount. Another example with shipping can be if a customer orders certain products, the shipping rate can be higher or lower based on product selection by the customer. I am also able to integrate shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS with live rates based on weight or size of what your customers are ordering.

More ways I can customize your store is if you want to offer digital products that require the customer to order a premium subscription account. For example, let's say you have gated content like instructional videos on website. This content can be restricted to only customers who have purchased a premium membership on your site. You can offer your customers a membership for no fee, a one-time fee, or a monthly/yearly recurring fee. Membership accounts can be set up fully functional where members can edit their account details, change password, select additional add-on services, or cancel services.

I can integrate any payment gateway like PayPal or with your website. This integration enables vital communication between your website and the gateway during the customer's order.

With content management systems like Woocommerce and Magento, managing your online store is easy. Some management options include editing orders, updating customer accounts, and exporting detailed invoices. Also you have the ability to easily print out or export detailed sales reports.

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